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Flowers in field with tractor in background


Our approach

Our rural portfolio includes agricultural farmland, strategic land, forestry, renewable energy assets and minerals.

As one of the oldest and largest landowners in the UK, our aim is to be a model of large-scale sustainable, diversified and integrated agricultural and environmental best practice.

We manage a rural portfolio of 185,000 acres across England and Wales, comprising agricultural farmland, upland and commons interests in Cumbria and Wales, strategic land, forestry, renewable energy assets, minerals and quarries.

Our portfolio has over 700 kilometres of publicly accessible footpaths, directly or indirectly creates over 3,000 jobs, and provides 435 homes and 206 community and tourism sites. The land represents many different soil types, geologies and farming practices and its geographical diversity offers major opportunities, working in partnership with our farmers, as we embrace the green agricultural transition.

On this page you will find links to further information about our work across our land portfolio.  

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