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About us

Our purpose & strategy

Guided by our purpose and rising to national challenges, our strategy leverages our unique set up and diverse portfolio.

We're driven by our clear purpose of creating lasting and shared prosperity for the nation. By drawing on our values, we aim to address the nation’s needs where our unique combination of strengths mean we are best placed to make a difference. Our focus is on long-term, structural challenges facing the country today:

  • Being a leader in supporting the UK towards a net zero carbon and energy-secure future

  • Creating inclusive communities and through our activities supporting economic growth and productivity

  • Taking a leading role in stewarding the UK’s natural environment and biodiversity

Our unique set up, established through an Act of Parliament to operate independently and commercially, means that there is nothing else quite like us. We have a unique combination of strengths that means we can bring people together to make a difference.

  • Our broad ownership. We have a diverse footprint across the country.

  • Trusted brand and reputation. We are known for our quality, longevity and integrity.

  • Independence and simplicity of role. We have developed a clear strategy and set of targets to deliver our statutory mandate.

  • Power to convene and catalyse. We bring together public and private partners, stakeholders and customers to tackle challenges.

  • Long-term view. We act in the public interest and invest for the long term.

Our strategy will help deliver ambitious long-term national outcomes, creating financial, environmental and social value for the nation for now and for future generations.

A wind turbine from above in the Rampion offshore wind farm. Photo: Ben Barden Photography

Our values

Our values are the guiding principles that define our culture and bring our purpose to life.

Caring. We look after the world around us and each other. We treat people, places and the environment with care.

Together. We work together and with others to deliver on our purpose. We focus on understanding the real needs of those around us.

Creative. Creativity enables us to unlock new ideas and solve problems. We embrace original thinking and the best ideas.

Impactful. Positive impact and financial performance go hand in hand. We align our actions with our purpose and make a difference.

Our strategy in action

We make the most of our unique attributes and diverse national portfolio to generate wide and lasting value.