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Our Youth Panel

As part of our commitment to working with and involving communities  as an integral part of our planning and decision-making, we have established our first Youth Panel in November 2023.

Listening to diverse voices is an important route to understanding and maximising social impact. Given our long-term view it is particularly essential we hear from the next generation since they will be impacted by many of the decisions we’re making today. We are delighted to work with youth voice experts at 2-3 Degrees on this first pilot programme.

Through the first series of workshops it has been great to hear the group’s perspectives and challenges around important topics such as sustainability, inclusivity and the future of cities.

About our Youth Panel

Focusing initially on our London developments, our current Youth Panel consists of 13 young people aged 16 to 20 who are living or studying in Westminster, Lambeth, Newham and Hillingdon.

The Panel meets with our various project teams through regular in-person workshops to share their ideas on our wider strategic direction for London as well as specific district developments and public realm. In addition to giving their views on our projects, the panellists are also developing their speaking, teamwork, leadership, resilience and creativity skills.

We also invite the youths to relevant conferences and social events to help widen their network and experience.

Find out more about the youths in their profiles below.

I see this program as a platform where my ideas and perspectives can make a real impact on the development and sustainability of these spaces…. collaborating with like-minded young individuals excites me, as it offers a platform to exchange innovative ideas and build my confidence in engaging discussions.

The Crown Estate Youth Panellist

About 2-3 Degrees

2–3 Degrees is a social enterprise that aims to inspire and equip young people with the personal development skills needed to fulfil their potential. By delivering fun, engaging and dynamic workshops and programmes, 2-3 Degrees help young people become the best version of themselves.

We are extremely excited about upskilling 13 incredible young people from across London to be the sounding board for The Crown Estate's plans and vision for the future. Work like this is changing the perspective and view that young people have about the built environment and also changing the views that the built environment has about young people.

Carl Konadu, CEO of 2-3 Degrees
Find out more about 2-3 Degrees

Youth panel

Find out more about some of the youths on our Panel.