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An artistic impression of what Cambridge Business Park could look like.

Case study

An innovation district for Cambridge

Cambridge Business Park is in a strategic location central to the emerging North East Cambridge Area Action Plan, as well as close to one of the world’s leading science and research universities. This presents a major opportunity to transform the area into a leading innovation district that contributes to local and national economic renewal.

The government has ambitions for the UK to become a science and technology superpower by 2030.

To do this, it must compete with its more productive international rivals in providing high-quality commercial space, funding cutting-edge research, and attracting world-class talent. By using our unique position to bridge the gap between the public and private sectors, we believe we can galvanise the right partners around our vision for Cambridge Business Park. We have been working with our existing customers, adjacent landowners, local community groups and the local council to determine how we can all align to make the most of this opportunity for north-east Cambridge.

Our vision for the site is to create a place where innovation, communities and nature thrive. Central to this is a sustainable, inclusive and innovative scheme, with each facet supportin the others to lead Cambridge and the UK into the future.

Through better commercialising university and UK research, Cambridge Business Park can become a vibrant place for businesses within knowledgesector industries to innovate and thrive. We are seeking to ignite an ecosystem that supports all stages of company life-cycles alongside lively, high-quality public realm, including a new District High Street, biodiverse greenways and innovative sustainable mobility hubs.

There’s an opportunity for Cambridge to be central to the UK’s innovation ambitions. At The Crown Estate we want to be part of creating an ecosystem where businesses, communities and nature can flourish to lead us into an exciting future.”

Matthew Sampson, Regeneration Director

Our strategy in action

We make the most of our unique attributes and diverse national portfolio to generate wide and lasting value.

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